Our spiritual preparation for the Easter Puja Seminar.

Our spiritual preparation for the Easter Puja Seminar.

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

We are really looking forward to being together at the Easter Puja and Wellness Seminar to enjoy the love and joy that flows between us with our Divine Mother’s blessings.


Our spiritual preparation

Let us take the time to prepare ourselves spiritually, to ensure we fully absorb Shri Mataji’s vibrations that will flow when we worship Her as Shri Mary Jesus on Easter Sunday.

We have a selection of videos, audios and booklets to help us in our own preparations which are available on our Devotional page or see below…

Preparing for Easter Puja
Preparing for the Wellness Camp
  • Using our vibrations and the elements  Shri Mataji describes the importance of using our vibrations and the elements to clear ourselves and not to intellectualise a cure for our problems

Looking forward to meeting and spending time together soon.