Children’s Activities, Entertainment Evenings & Day Time Workshops

Children’s Activities, Entertainment Evenings & Day Time Workshops

Dear Family,

Our Easter Puja Seminar will commence in just over 5 weeks!

As in previous Easter Seminars, we are looking forward to creative and inspiring contributions from across the country and beyond! Everyone is encouraged to get involved with the two entertainment evenings, day-time workshops and children’s activities.

Children Activities

Every year the contribution of our Yogis grows. Building on the wonderful efforts of committed Yogis in previous years we feel that this year it would be good to have the attention of the entire Australian Collective on the role of disseminating Sahaj culture to our Sahaj children.

To this end we would like to suggest that Yogis attending the Easter Seminar from the various State Collectives prepare Sahaja activities for the children.

Any workshops or activities that engage the attention of children and adults together would also be wonderful and elevate the importance of passing on Sahaj culture to the next generation.


Please contact the following with your activities and/or presentations you would like to make:

“I always wanted you to arrange seminars and that you all should meet together…”
What a beautiful place we are all in. It’s a real blessing of Sahaja Yoga for all of you to relax, relax well. Because in relaxation only you realize that, we are now realized souls. That we have entered into the kingdom of heaven. That we can see the beauty what God has created around us. That we have become sensitive to His grace and to His kindness and to His love. It’s a seminar that you have arranged and I’m very happy. I always wanted you to arrange seminars and that you all should meet together and live together, and understand each other. The seminars on the gross level they work out many things no doubt. But on subtler levels, seminars of the Sahaja yogis means a lot. It means that a strong nucleus is being consolidated in various places in a country. And these strongholds or we can say the strong nucleus which is created like this, can form a mechanism by which beams of strong vibrations could flow or could be thrown all over the places. It’s a very great task to build up these mechanisms, these divine mechanisms in different parts of your country. HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 2 August 1981, Open Your Heart – Faith, Puja, Mill Farm Seminar, Dorset, England

Jai Shri Mataji!